The CyberWire Daily Podcast 6.7.22
Ep 1594 | 6.7.22

Updates on the cyber phases of Russia's hybrid war, including the role of DDoS and cyber offensive operations. Ransomware, bad and sometimes bogus

Show Notes

DDoS as a weapon in a hybrid war. Resilience in the defense of critical infrastructure. Offensive cyber operations against Russia. LockBit claims to have hit Mandiant, but their claim looks baseless. Rick Howard joins us with thoughts on trends he’s tracking at the RSA conference. Our guest is Dr. Diane Janosek from NSA with insights on personal resilience. Effects of ransomware on businesses.

Selected reading.

Ukraine at D+102: Ukraine's SSSCIP on cyber war. (The CyberWire) 

Major DDoS attacks increasing after invasion of Ukraine (SearchSecurity) 

The Russia–Ukraine War: Ukraine’s resistance in the face of hybrid warfare (Observer Research Foundation)

Ukraine Symposium - U.S. Offensive Cyber Operations in Support of Ukraine (Lieber Institute: Articles of War) 

Russia ready to cooperate with all states in cyber domain (UNI India)

LockBit 2.0 gang claims Mandiant as latest victim; Mandiant sees no evidence of it (CyberScoop)

Mandiant: “No evidence” we were hacked by LockBit ransomware (BleepingComputer) 

Cybereason Ransomware True Cost to Business Study Reveals Organizations Pay Multiple Ransom Demands (Cybereason)

Average Ransom Payment Up 71% This Year, Approaches $1 Million (Palo Alto Networks Blog)