The CyberWire Daily Podcast 6.14.22
Ep 1599 | 6.14.22

Dealing with Follina. SeaFlower steals cryptocurrencies. Cyber phases of a hybrid war, with some skeptical notes on Anonymous. And the war’s effect on the underworld.

Show Notes

Dealing with the GRU's exploitation of the Follina vulnerabilities. SeaFlower uses stolen seed phrases to rifle cryptocurrency wallets. Ukraine moves sensitive data abroad. Anonymous claims to have hacked Russia's drone suppliers and to have hit sensitive targets in Belarus. Rick Howard reports on an NSA briefing at the RSA Conference. Our guest is Ricardo Amper from Incode with a look at biometrics in sports stadiums. And the effects of war on the cyber underworld.

Selected reading.

Follina flaw being exploited by Russian hackers, info stealers (Computing) 

Chinese Hackers Adding Backdoor to iOS, Android Web3 Wallets in 'SeaFlower' Campaign (SecurityWeek)

How SeaFlower...installs backdoors in iOS/Android web3 wallets to steal your seed phrase (Medium) 

Ukraine Has Begun Moving Sensitive Data Outside Its Borders (Wall Street Journal) 

Anonymous claims hack on Russian drones (Computing) 

How the Cybercrime Landscape has been Changed following the Russia-Ukraine War (Kela)