The CyberWire Daily Podcast 6.21.22
Ep 1603 | 6.21.22

Cyberattack suspected in Israeli false alarms. Risk surface assessments. Fitness app geolocation as a security risk. Cyber phases of Russia’ hybrid war. A conviction in the Capital One hacking case.

Show Notes

A Cyberattack is suspected of causing false alarms in Israel. Risk surface assessments. Renewed warning of the potential security risks of fitness apps.  Cyber options may grow more attractive to Russia as kinetic operations stall. DDoS in St. Petersburg. Ben Yelin details a Senate bill restricting the sale of location data. Our guest is Jon Check from Raytheon's Intelligence and Space Division discussing the National Collegiate Cyber Defense Competition. A conviction in the Capital One hacking case.

Selected reading.

Suspected cyberattack triggers sirens in Jerusalem, Eilat (Israel Hayom)

Suspected Iranian Cyberattack on Israel Triggers Sirens (Haaretz)

Iranian cyberattack may be behind false rocket warning sirens in Jerusalem (Jerusalem Post) 

Israel suspects Iranian cyber-attack behind false siren alerts (Middle East Monitor) 

Strava fitness app used to spy on Israeli military officials (Computing) 

Treasury's Adeyemo sees elevated cyber threats in wake of Russia's war in Ukraine (Reuters)

More cyber warfare with Russia lies on the horizon (Interesting Engineering)

Prolonged war may make Russia more cyber aggressive, US official says (C4ISRNet) 

What the Russia-Ukraine war means for the future of cyber warfare (The Hill) 

Complex Russian cyber threat requires we go back to basics ( 

Vladimir Putin speech delayed 'because of cyber-attack' as he hits out at 'economic blitzkrieg' against Russia (Scotsman)

UPDATE 1-Putin's St Petersburg speech postponed by an hour after cyberattack (Yahoo)

Think of the Russia-Ukraine conflict as a microcosm of the cyber war   (SC Magazine)

The link between cyberattacks and war: Gartner (CRN Australia) 

Ex-Amazon Worker Convicted in Capital One Hacking (New York Times)

Jury Convicts Seattle Woman in Massive Capital One Hack (SecurityWeek)

Former Seattle tech worker convicted of wire fraud and computer intrusions (US Attorney’s Office, Western District of Washington)