The CyberWire Daily Podcast 6.29.22
Ep 1609 | 6.29.22

Article 5? It’s complicated. Influence ops for economic advantage. SOHO routers under attack. YTStealer described. RansomHouse hits AMD. A NetWalker affiliate cops a plea.

Show Notes

NATO's response to Killnet's cyberattacks on Lithuania. Influence operations in the interest of national market share. SOHO routers are under attack. YTStealer is out and active in the wild. RansomHouse hits AMD. CISA releases six ICS security advisories. The most dangerous software weaknesses. Betsy Carmelite from Booz Allen Hamilton takes a look back at Biden’s executive order on cyber. Our guest is Philippe Humeau of CrowdSec on taking a collaborative approach to security. And a guilty plea in the case of the NetWalker affiliate.

Selected reading.

Could the Russian cyber attack on Lithuania draw a military response from NATO? (Sky News) 

Pro-PRC DRAGONBRIDGE Influence Campaign Targets Rare Earths Mining Companies in Attempt to Thwart Rivalry to PRC Market Dominance (Mandiant)

ZuoRAT Hijacks SOHO Routers to Silently Stalk Networks (Lumen) 

New YTStealer Malware Aims to Hijack Accounts of YouTube Content Creators (Hacker News)

RansomHouse Extortion Group Claims AMD as Latest Victim (RestorePrivacy) 

RansomHouse gang claims to have some stolen AMD data (Register)

CISA releases 6 Industrial Control Systems Advisories (Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency)

2022 CWE Top 25 Most Dangerous Software Weaknesses (CISA) 

Netwalker ransomware affiliate agrees to plead guilty to hacking charges (The Record by Recorded Future)