The CyberWire Daily Podcast 6.30.22
Ep 1610 | 6.30.22

Killnet hits Norwegian websites. Hacktivists tied to Russia's government. Looking ahead to new cyber phases of Russia's hybrid war. C2C market differentiation. Gennady Bukin, call your shoe store.

Show Notes

Killnet hits Norwegian websites. Hacktivists are tied to Russia's government. Amunet as a case study in C2C market differentiation. C2C commodification extends to script kiddies. Andrea Little Limbago from Interos examines borderless data. Rick Howard speaks with Cody Chamberlain from NetSPI on Breach Communication. Roscosmos publishes locations of Western defense facilities…and subsequently says it sustained a DDoS attack.

Selected reading.

Pro-Russian hacker group says it attacked Norway (The Independent Barents Observer)

Cyberattack hits Norway, pro-Russian hacker group fingered (AP NEWS)

Norway blames "pro-Russian group" for cyber attack (Reuters)

Mandiant Finds Possible Link Between Kremlin, Pro-Russian ‘Hacktivists’ (Bloomberg)

Market Differentiation: Cybercriminal Forums’ Unusual Features Designed To Attract Users (Digital Shadows)

Minors Use Discord Servers to Earn Extra Pocket Money Through Spreading Malware (PR Newswire)

Russia publishes Pentagon coordinates, says Western satellites 'work for our enemy' (Reuters)

Russian Space Agency Targeted in Cyberattack (Wall Street Journal)

Cyberattack hits Russian space agency site after sharing NATO photos (Jerusalem Post)