The CyberWire Daily Podcast 7.29.22
Ep 1630 | 7.29.22

Hacktivism in a hybrid war. Pyongyang's [un]H0lyGh0st. Notes on the C2C market. Rewards for Justice seeks some righteous snitches.

Show Notes

Anonymous's hacktivism in a hybrid war. Pyongyang's [un]H0lyGh0st. Phishing in the IPFS. Update on the initial access criminal-to-criminal market and its effect on MSPs. Cyber gangs move away from malicious macros. Thomas Etheridge from CrowdStrike on managed detection and response. Rick Howard sits down with Art Poghosyan from Britive to discuss DevSecOps and Identity Management. And Rewards for Justice seeks some righteous snitches.

Selected reading.

Putin 'embarrassed' as hackers launch cyber war on Russian President over Ukraine invasion (

Is Anonymous Rewriting the Rules of Cyberwarfare? Timeline of Their Attacks Against the Russian Government (Website Planet) 

HolyGhost’s Bargain Basement Approach To Ransomware (Digital Shadows)

IPFS: The New Hotbed of Phishing (Trustwave)

Threat Advisory: Hackers Are Selling Access to MSPs (Huntress) We’re currently monitoring a situation that entails a hacker selling access to an MSP with access to 50+ customers, totaling 1,000+ servers.

Experts warn of hacker claiming access to 50 U.S. companies through breached MSP (The Record by Recorded Future)

How Threat Actors Are Adapting to a Post-Macro World (Proofpoint)

Rewards for Justice – Reward Offer for Information on Russian Interference in U.S. Elections (United States Department of State)