The CyberWire Daily Podcast 8.4.22
Ep 1634 | 8.4.22

Ukraine claims to have taken down a massive Russian bot farm. Were Russian cyber operations premature? Report: Emergency Alert System vulnerable to hijacking. And more crypto looting.

Show Notes

Ukraine claims to have taken down a massive Russian bot farm. Russian cyber operations may have been premature. A report says Emergency Alert Systems might be vulnerable to hijacking. The Mirai botnet may have a descendant. Adam Flatley from Redacted with a look back at NotPetya. Ryan Windham from Imperva takes on Bad Bots. Attacks on a cryptocurrency exchange attempt to bypass 2FA. Solana cryptocurrency wallets looted.

Selected reading.

Ukraine takes down 1,000,000 bots used for disinformation (BleepingComputer)

Did Russia mess up its cyberwar with Ukraine before it even invaded? (Washington Post) 

So RapperBot, What Ya Bruting For? (Fortinet Blog)

Gaming Respawned (Akamai)

Coinbase Attacks Bypass 2FA (Pixm Anti-Phishing)

Thousands of Solana wallets drained in multimillion-dollar exploit (TechCrunch)

Thousands of Solana Wallets Hacked in Crypto Cyberattack (Wall Street Journal) 

Solana, USDC Drained From Wallets in Attack (Decrypt) 

Ongoing solana attack targets thousands of crypto wallets, costing users more than $5 million so far (CNBC) 

Solana and Slope Confirm Wallet Security Breach (Crypto Briefing)

How Hackers Target Bridges Between Blockchains for Crypto Heists (Wall Street Journal)