The CyberWire Daily Podcast 8.10.22
Ep 1638 | 8.10.22

Patches, and some incentive to apply them. Hacktivism, privateering, and patriotic banditry in Russia’s hybrid war.

Show Notes

Patch notes, and the risks associated with failure to patch. Finland's parliament comes under cyberattack. Killnet says there will be blood, but they may just be grandstanding for the home crowd. Cyberattacks against a UK firm that's criticized Russia's war. We’re joined by FBI Cyber Division AD Bryan Vorndran and Adam Hickey, deputy assistant attorney general for the National Security Division with an introduction to Watchguard. Our guest is Matthew Warner from Blumira with tips on avoiding burnout.  And not all criminal organizations are working for Russia.

Selected reading.

Already Exploited Zero-Day Headlines Microsoft Patch Tuesday (SecurityWeek) 

Microsoft August 2022 Patch Tuesday fixes exploited zero-day, 121 flaws (BleepingComputer).

IBM Patches High-Severity Vulnerabilities in Cloud, Voice, Security Products (SecurityWeek)

Adobe Patch Tuesday: Code Execution Flaws in Acrobat, Reader (SecurityWeek) 

ICS Patch Tuesday: Siemens, Schneider Electric Fix Only 11 Vulnerabilities (SecurityWeek) 

VMSA-2022-0022 (VMware) 

Emerson OpenBSI (CISA) 

Emerson ControlWave (CISA)

Mitsubishi Electric GT SoftGOT2000 (CISA) 

Multiple attackers increase pressure on victims, complicate incident response (Sophos News)

Life After Death—SmokeLoader Continues to Haunt Using Old Vulnerabilities (Fortinet Blog) 

NBI launches probe into attack on Finnish Parliament site (Yle)

Russian hacker warns cyberwarfare will turn deadly (Newsweek) 

Russian hacker warns cyberwarfare will turn deadly (Newsweek)

Suspected Russian cyber attack on British soil as firm subjected to ‘daily’ hacks (The Telegraph)

Meet DUMPS Forum: A pro-Ukraine, anti-Russia cybercriminal forum | Digital Shadows (Digital Shadows)