The CyberWire Daily Podcast 8.18.22
Ep 1644 | 8.18.22

BlackByte’s back, as BlackByte 2.0. Iranian cyber ops against Israel. Wipers and cyberespionage as tools in Russia’s hybrid war. Cyber war clauses coming to cyber insurance policies.

Show Notes

BlackByte is back. Iran suspected of cyber operations against four Israeli sectors. A look at wipers as a tool in hybrid war. A Russian cyber ops scorecard. Josh Ray from Accenture on how dark web actors are focusing on VPNs. Our guest is Corey Nachreiner from WatchGuard with findings of their latest Internet Security Report. Cyber war clauses coming to cyber insurance policies.

Selected reading.

BlackByte ransomware gang is back with new extortion tactics (BleepingComputer) 

Suspected Iranian Actor Targeting Israeli Shipping, Healthcare, Government and Energy Sectors | Mandiant (Mandiant)

Russia-Ukraine cyberwar creates new malware threats  (VentureBeat)

Global Threat Landscape Report: A Semiannual Report by FortiGuard Labs (Fortinet) 

Overview of the Cyber Weapons Used in the Ukraine - Russia War (Trustwave SpiderLabs)

Lloyd’s sets requirements for state-backed cyber attack exclusions (Insurance Day)