The CyberWire Daily Podcast 8.29.22
Ep 1651 | 8.29.22

How a hybrid war spreads its cyber effects. Russian and Chinese cyber ops in Latin America. Greenwashing influence. Iranian threat actor exploits Log4j vulnerabilities against Israeli targets.

Show Notes

Russian cyber operations in Southeastern Europe. The challenge of containing the cyber phases of a hybrid war. Russian and Chinese cyber activity in Latin America. Greenwashing influence operations. Rick Howard looks at risk probabilities. Dinah Davis from Arctic Wolf looks at ransomware payment myths. And an Iranian threat actor exploits Log4j vulnerabilities against Israeli targets.

Selected reading.

Russia blamed for wave of hacker attacks in Southeast Europe (BNE)

Montenegro declares it is in 'hybrid war' with Russia after massive cyber attack (Metro)

Montenegro reports massive Russian cyberattack against govt (ABC News)

Montenegro Reports Massive Russian Cyberattack Against Govt (AP via SecurityWeek)

Montenegro's state infrastructure hit by cyber attack -officials (Reuters) 

Cyber Element in the Russia-Ukraine War & its Global Implications (Modern Diplomacy)

Swiss secret service worried about Russian cyber operations (SWI

China and Russia Step Up Cyber Presence in Latin America (Diálogo Américas)

Dominican Republic refuses to pay ransom after attack on agrarian institute (The Record by Recorded Future) 

China-Linked Bots Attacking Rare Earths Producer ‘Every Day’ (Bloomberg) 

Iranian Hackers Exploiting Unpatched Log4j 2 Bugs to Target Israeli Organizations (The Hacker News)

MERCURY leveraging Log4j 2 vulnerabilities in unpatched systems to target Israeli organizations (Microsoft Threat Intelligence Center)

Iran exploiting Log4j 2 weakness to attack Israel, says Microsoft (Israel Defense)