The CyberWire Daily Podcast 9.1.22
Ep 1654 | 9.1.22

News on three ransomware operations: BianLian, Cuba, and Ragnar Locker. How the gangs are recruiting. Mobile app supply chain blues. Happy Insider Threat Month.

Show Notes

The BianLian ransomware gang is better at coding than at the business of crime. The Attack on Montenegro seems to be ransomware. A look at Ragnar Locker's current interests. Recruiting for gangland gets allusive, but those who know, well, they know. Our guest is Dan Lanir of OPSWAT with insights on recent federal legislation supporting cyber jobs. Ben Yelin lexamines a lawsuit filed by the FTC against an online data broker. And it’s Insider Threat Month, so keep an eye on yourself.

Selected reading.

BianLian Ransomware Gang Gives It a Go! ([redacted]) 

Montenegro blames criminal gang for cyber attacks on government (Reuters) 

FBI's team to investigate massive cyberattack in Montenegro (AP NEWS) 

US issues rare security alert as Montenegro battles ransomware (TechCrunch) 

Cuba ransomware group claims attack on Montenegro government (IT PRO) 

Cuba Ransomware Team claims credit for attack on Montenegro ( 

Montenegro blames Cuba ransomware for cyberattack (Cybernews) 

Cybercriminals Apparently Involved in Russia-Linked Attack on Montenegro Government (SecurityWeek)

THREAT ANALYSIS REPORT: Ragnar Locker Ransomware Targeting the Energy Sector (Cybereason)

Behind the News: The Ragnar Locker Attack on Greek Natural Gas Supplier DESFA - Radiflow (Radiflow)

Mobile App Supply Chain Vulnerabilities Could Endanger Sensitive Business Information (Broadcom Software Blogs / Threat Intelligence) 

“Looking for pentesters”: How Forum Life Has Conformed to the Ransomware Ban (Digital Shadows) 

NCSC and Federal Partners Focus on Countering Risk in Digital Spaces during National Insider Threat Awareness Month 2022 (ODNI)