The CyberWire Daily Podcast 9.2.22
Ep 1655 | 9.2.22

Ransomware groups continue to shift identities and targets. Assessments of the cyber phases of a hybrid war. Is wartime tough for criminals? Anonymous counts coup…against Moscow’s taxis.

Show Notes

REvil (or an impostor, or successor) may be back. A Paris-area medical center continues to work to recover from cyber extortion. An assessment of Russian failure (or disinclination) to mount effective cyber campaigns. Cyber criminals find wartime to be a tough time. Josh Ray from Accenture looks at cyber threats to the rail industry. Our guest is Dan Murphy of Invicti making the case that not all vulnerabilities are created equal. And Yandex Taxi’s app was hacked in a nuisance attack.

Selected reading.

REvil says they breached electronics giant Midea Group (Cybernews)

Paralysed French hospital fights cyber attack as hackers lower ransom demand (RFI)

French hospital hit by $10M ransomware attack, sends patients elsewhere (BleepingComputer)

Hacks tied to Russia and Ukraine war have had minor impact, researchers say (The Record by Recorded Future) 

Getting Bored of Cyberwar: Exploring the Role of the Cybercrime Underground in the Russia-Ukraine Conflict (arXiv:2208.10629v2) 

Why Russia's cyber war in Ukraine hasn't played out as predicted (New Atlas)

Cyber key in Ukraine war, says spy chief (The Canberra Times) 

Montenegro Sent Back to Analog by Unprecedented Cyber Attacks (Balkan Insight)

Montenegro blames criminal gang for cyber attacks on government (EU Reporter)

Ransomware Attack Sends Montenegro Reaching Out to NATO Partners (Bloomberg) 

“I’m tired of living in poverty” – Russian-Speaking Cyber Criminals Feeling the Economic Pinch (Digital Shadows)

Yandex Taxi hack creates huge traffic jam in Moscow (Cybernews)

Anonymous hacked Russia's largest taxi firm and caused a massive traffic jam (Daily Star)