The CyberWire Daily Podcast 9.23.22
Ep 1669 | 9.23.22

Privateers seem to be evolving into front groups for the Russian organs. Unidentified threat actors engaging in cyberespionage. Catphishing from a South Carolina prison.

Show Notes

The GRU's closely coordinating with cyber criminals. An unidentified threat actor deploys malicious NPM packets. Gootloader uses blogging and SEO poisoning to attract victims. Metador is a so-far unattributed threat actor. Johannes Ullrich from SANS on Resilient DNS Infrastructure. Maria Varmazis interviews Anthony Colangelo, host of spaceflight podcast Main Engine Cutoff, about the iPhone 14 “Emergency SOS via Satellite” feature. And having too much time on your hands while doing time is not a good thing.