The CyberWire Daily Podcast 10.18.22
Ep 1685 | 10.18.22

Mobilizing DDoS-as-a-service. Interpol takes down Black Axe gang members. Trends in phishing. Spyder Loader active in Hong Kong. Europol announces arrests in keyless car hacking case.

Show Notes

Mobilizing DDoS-as-a-service. Interpol takes down the Black Axe gang members. A look at phishing trends. Spyder Loader is active in Hong Kong. Joe Carrigan looks at Google’s launch of passwordless authentication. Our guest is Dr. Eman El-Sheikh from University of West Florida's Center for Cybersecurity on NSA-funded National Cybersecurity Workforce Development Programs. And Europol announces arrests in a case of keyless car hacking.

Selected reading.

Project DDOSIA Russia's answer to disBalancer (Radwaare)

Russian DDOSIA Project Pays Volunteers to Participate in DDOS Attacks on Western Companies (Gridinsoft Blogs)

International crackdown on West-African financial crime rings (Interpol)

Giant online scamming syndicate 'Black Axe' destroyed in Interpol-led operation (teiss)

INTERPOL-led Operation Takes Down 'Black Axe' Cyber Crime Organization (The Hacker News)

Operation Jackal: Interpol arrests Black Axe fraud suspects (Register)

When the Black Axe falls: cybercrime suspects detained in global bust (Cybernews)

International Police Action Blunts Black Axe Criminal Group - HS Today (Hstoday)

Q3 2022 Cofense Phishing Intelligence Trends Review (Cofense)

Spyder Loader: Malware Seen in Recent Campaign Targeting Organizations in Hong Kong (Symantec)

Operation CuckooBees: Cybereason Uncovers Massive Chinese Intellectual Property Theft Operation (Cybereason)

31 arrested for stealing cars by hacking keyless tech | Europol (Europol)

European gang that sold car hacking tools to thieves arrested (The Record by Recorded Future)