The CyberWire Daily Podcast 10.20.22
Ep 1687 | 10.20.22

Notes and lessons on the hybrid war. Update on Zimbra exploitation. Microsoft fixes misconfigured storage. The state of the cyber workforce. Trends in phishing and ransomware.

Show Notes

DDoS as misdirection. NSA shares lessons learned from cyber operations observed in Russia's war against Ukraine. Advice from CISA on Zimbra.. A misconfigured Microsoft storage endpoint has been secured. Notes from a study on the Cybersecurity Workforce . The cost to businesses of phishing. Betsy Carmelite from Booz Allen Hamilton on managing mental health in the cyber workforce. Our guest is Ismael Valenzuela of Blackberry with insights on "The Cyber Insurance Gap". And updates to the ransomware leaderboard.

Selected reading.

Bulgarian cyberattack: Sabotage as a cover for spying? (Deutsche Welle)

Bulgarian websites impacted by Killnet DDoS attack (SC Media) 

Lessons From Ukraine: NSA Cyber Chief Lauds Industry Intel (Meritalk)

NSA Cybersecurity Director's Six Takeaways From the War in Ukraine (Infosecurity Magazine) 

NSA cyber chief says Ukraine war is compelling more intelligence sharing with industry (CyberScoop) 

Investigation Regarding Misconfigured Microsoft Storage Location (Microsoft Security Response Center)

2019 Cybersecurity Workforce Study ((ISC)²) 

The Business Cost of Phishing (Ironscales)

Leading Ransomware Variants Q3 2022 (Intel471)