The CyberWire Daily Podcast 10.27.22
Ep 1692 | 10.27.22

CISA releases voluntary CPGs. Trojans and scanners. Cyber venture investing, and some insights into corporate culture. "Opportunistic" cyberops in a hybrid war.

Show Notes

CISA releases cross-sector cybersecurity performance goals. Trojans are spreading through scanners. Cyber seed rounds are an exception to a general downtrend in venture investment. Whistleblowing and corporate culture. Storing enterprise secrets. Robert M.  Lee from Dragos explains the TSA Pipeline Security Directive. Our guests are Jenny Brinkley from Amazon AWS and Lisa Plaggemier from the National Cybersecurity Alliance with a collaborative educational project. Cyberattacks seen as opportunistic and disconnected from strategy.

Selected reading.

Cross-Sector Cybersecurity Performance Goals (CISA)

CISA unveils voluntary cybersecurity performance goals (Federal News Network) 

Sending Trojans via Scanners (Avanan) 

DataTribe Insights - Q2 2022: Economic Storm Makes Landfall (DataTribe) 

Ukraine: Russian cyber attacks aimless and opportunistic (SearchSecurity)