The CyberWire Daily Podcast 10.31.22
Ep 1694 | 10.31.22

Copper smelter hit with malware. Notes from the hybrid war. Disinformation, not direct manipulation of results, the principal threat to US elections. Ransomware in Australia’s ForceNet. Threat trends.

Show Notes

Leading European metals producer is hit with malware. Cooperative defense in cyberspace. A Ukrainian ally describes its exposure to Russian cyberattacks. Former UK Prime Minister Truss's phone may have been compromised. CISA sees a complex threat environment, but no specific threat to US elections. The Australian Defence network sustains ransomware attack. The three finalists in the DataTribe Challenge share insights on the competition.  Rick Howard previews the new season of CSO Perspectives. And a look at threat trends.

Selected reading.

Aurubis says it was hit in wider cyberattack on metals industry (Reuters)

Copper Giant Aurubis Shuts Down Systems Due to Cyberattack (SecurityWeek)

Inside a US military cyber team’s defence of Ukraine (BBC News) 

Ukraine's cyber power shows value of public-private partnership (Nikkei Asia) 

Latvian President: Only the West’s Weakness Can Provoke Russia (Foreign Policy) 

Latvia’s cyberspace faces new challenges amid war in Ukraine (The Record by Recorded Future)

Worries build about winter cyber threats in Ukraine (POLITICO)

Liz Truss's personal phone hacked by Putin's spies (Mail Online)

Truss phone was hacked by suspected Putin agents when she was foreign minister, the Daily Mail reports (Reuters)

Liz Truss phone hack claim prompts calls for investigation (BBC News)

Russian spies hacked Truss's personal phone (Computing)

Government urged to investigate report Liz Truss’s phone was hacked (the Guardian)

Ministers creating ‘wild west’ conditions with use of personal phones (the Guardian)

'Complex threat environment' ahead of midterm elections, top cybersecurity official says (Reuters)

CISA chief sees no "specific or credible threats" to election infrastructure (CBS News)

For cyber experts, disinformation overshadows cyberthreats in midterms (Washington Post)

Australian Defence Department caught up in ransomware attack (ABC)

Cyber-attack on Australian defence contractor may have exposed private communications between ADF members (the Guardian)

Cyber Threat Reports (Deep Instinct)

Deep Instinct releases its 2022 Interim Cyber Threat Study. (CyberWire)