The CyberWire Daily Podcast 11.21.22
Ep 1708 | 11.21.22

Callback phishing offers to solve your problem (it won’t). Mustang Panda’s recent activities. DEV0569’s malvertising campaign. 10 indicted in BEC case. Developing a cyber auxiliary force.

Show Notes

Luna Moth's callback phishing offers an unpleasant and less familiar form of social engineering. New activity by China's Mustang Panda is reported. DEV0569 is using malvertising to distribute Royal ransomware. US indicts 10 in a business email compromise case. Developing a cyber auxiliary. Dave Bittner sits down with AJ Nash from ZeroFox to discuss holiday scams. Our own Rick Howard speaks with us about cloud security. And beware of Black Friday scams.

Selected reading.

Threat Assessment: Luna Moth Callback Phishing Campaign (Unit 42) 

DEV-0569 finds new ways to deliver Royal ransomware, various payloads (Microsoft Security) 

Earth Preta Spear-Phishing Governments Worldwide (Trend Micro) 

EXCLUSIVE: Rounding up a cyber posse for Ukraine (The Record by Recorded Future) 

Tech for good: How the IT industry is helping Ukraine (Computing) 

10 Charged in Business Email Compromise and Money Laundering Schemes Targeting Medicare, Medicaid, and Other Victims (US Department of Justice) 

Black Friday and Cyber Monday risks. (CyberWire)