The CyberWire Daily Podcast 12.16.22
Ep 1725 | 12.16.22

Malicious apps do more than extort predatory loans. A Facebook account recovery scam. Notes from the hybrid war. Goodbye SHA-1, hello Leviathans.

Show Notes

A predatory loan app is discovered embedded in mobile apps. Facebook phishing. GPS disruptions are reported in Russian cities. NSA warns against dismissing Russian offensive cyber capabilities. Farewell, SHA-1. Kevin Magee from Microsoft looks at cyber signals. Our guest is Jason Witty of USAA to discuss the growing risk from quantum computing. And welcome to the world, Leviathans.

Selected reading.

Zimperium teams discover new malware in Flutter developed apps (SecurityBrief Asia) 

Meta-Phish: Facebook Infrastructure Used in Phishing Attack Chain (Trustwave)

GPS Signals Are Being Disrupted in Russian Cities (WIRED) 

NSA cyber director warns of Russian digital assaults on global energy sector (CyberScoop)

Russia's cyber war machine in Ukraine hasn't lived up to Western hype. Report analyses why (ThePrint)

NIST Retires SHA-1 Cryptographic Algorithm (NIST)

Historic activation of the U.S. Army’s 11th Cyber Battalion (DVIDS)