The CyberWire Daily Podcast 12.22.22
Ep 1729 | 12.22.22

Online fraud, some targeting shoppers and investors, others going after e-commerce retailers. Updates on the cyber phases of Russia’s hybrid war.

Show Notes

The FBI warns of malicious advertising. A new gang makes an unwelcome appearance in the holiday season. Ukraine will receive more Starlink terminals after all. Cyber phases of the hybrid war: a view from Kyiv–the bears and their adjuncts are opportunistic agents of chaos. Caleb Barlow thinks boards of directors need to up their cyber security game. Our guest is AJ Nash from ZeroFox with a look at legislative restrictions on TikTok.  And reports say that US National Cyber Director Chris Inglis is preparing to retire. We wish him the best of luck.

Selected reading.

Cyber Criminals Impersonating Brands Using Search Engine Advertisement Services to Defraud Users (FBI)

A sophisticated fraud ring is waging war on commerce, using rapidly changing tactics (Signifyd)

Ukraine to Get Thousands More Starlink Antennas, Minister Says (Bloomberg)

Ukraine’s Cyber Units Aim to Retain Staff, Keep Services Stable as War Enters Year Two (Wall Street Journal)

Top Biden cybersecurity adviser to step down (CNN)

Chris Inglis to resign as national cyber director (CyberScoop).

First-ever national cyber director Chris Inglis set to retire in coming months: sources (Axios).

White House cyber adviser to resign  (The Hill)

Chris Inglis, Biden's top cyber adviser, plans to leave government in coming months (POLITICO).

White House Cyber Director Chris Inglis to Step Down (Bank Info Security)