The CyberWire Daily Podcast 1.6.23
Ep 1734 | 1.6.23

CISA releases three ICS Advisories. Squealing cars. Rotate your secrets. Russian cyberespionage updates.

Show Notes

Security vulnerabilities in automobiles. CircleCI customers should "rotate their secrets." CISA Director Easterly notes Russian failures, but warns that shields should stay up. Attempted cyberespionage against US National Laboratories. Turla effectively recycles some commodity malware infrastructure. Robert M. Lee from Dragos shares his outlook on ICS for the new year. Our CyberWire Space correspondent Maria Varmazis interviews Diane Janosek from NSA about her research on space-cyber. And the Guardian continues to recover from last month's ransomware attack.

Selected reading.

Hitachi Energy UNEM (CISA)

Hitachi Energy FOXMAN-UN (CISA)

Hitachi Energy Lumada Asset Performance Management (CISA) 

Web Hackers vs. The Auto Industry: Critical Vulnerabilities in Ferrari, BMW, Rolls Royce, Porsche, and More (Sam Curry)

Toyota, Mercedes, BMW API flaws exposed owners’ personal info (BleepingComputer)

16 Car Makers and Their Vehicles Hacked via Telematics, APIs, Infrastructure (SecurityWeek)

Ferrari, BMW, Rolls Royce, Porsche and more fix vulnerabilities giving car takeover capabilities (The Record by Recorded Future)

CircleCI security alert: Rotate any secrets stored in CircleCI (CircleCI).

CircleCI warns of security breach — rotate your secrets! (BleepingComputer)

CircleCI Urges Customers to Rotate Secrets Following Security Incident (The Hacker News)

CISA director: US needs to be vigilant, ‘keep our shields up’ against Russia (The Hill)

Exclusive-Russian Hackers Targeted U.S. Nuclear Scientists (Reuters via US News) 

Notorious Russian Spies Piggybacked on Other Hackers' USB Infections (WIRED) 

Turla: A Galaxy of Opportunity | Mandiant (Mandiant) 

Fallout from Guardian cyber attack to last at least a month (ComputerWeekly)

State of Ransomware Preparedness (Axio)