The CyberWire Daily Podcast 1.9.23
Ep 1735 | 1.9.23

Social engineering shenanigans, by both crooks and spies. Suing social media over alleged mental health damages. And how to earn an “F.”

Show Notes

Telegram impersonation affects a cryptocurrency firm. Phishing with Facebook termination notices. Russian phishing continues to target Moldova. The IEEE on the impact of technology in 2023. Glass ceilings in tech leadership. Seattle Schools sue social media platforms. Malek Ben Salem from Accenture explains coding models. Our guest is Julie Smith, identity security leader and executive director at IDSA, with insights on identity and security strategies. And dealing with the implications of ChatGPT.

Selected reading.

Impact of Technology in 2023 and Beyond (IEEE)

Telegram insider server access offered to Dark Web customers (SafetyDetectives)

Moldovaʼs government hit by flood of phishing attacks (The Record from Recorded Future News) 

OPWNAI : Cybercriminals Starting to Use ChatGPT (Check Point Research)

Hackers exploiting ChatGPT to write malicious codes to steal your data (Business Standard)

Armed With ChatGPT, Cybercriminals Build Malware And Plot Fake Girl Bots (Forbes) 

Hackers Exploiting OpenAI’s ChatGPT to Deploy Malware (HackRead)

Cybercriminals are already using ChatGPT to own you (SC Media)

Threat Report: Impersonation Detected in Telegram Chats to Deliver Malware (Safeguard Cyber) 

Seattle schools sue tech giants over social media harm (ABC News) 

Seattle Public Schools sues TikTok, YouTube, Instagram and others, seeking compensation for youth mental health crisis (GeekWire)

Ghost Writer: Microsoft Looks to Add OpenAI’s Chatbot Technology to Word, Email (The Information)

Microsoft plans to use ChatGPT in Bing. Here's why it could be a threat to Google. (Freethink) 

ChatGPT Hits Ethical Roadblock; Blocked (Analytics India Magazine)

A College Kid Built an App That Sniffs Out Text Penned by AI (The Daily Beast) 

A Princeton student built an app which can detect if ChatGPT wrote an essay to combat AI-based plagiarism (Business Insider)