The CyberWire Daily Podcast 1.10.23
Ep 1736 | 1.10.23

Some trends in threats and defense. The possibility of cyber war crimes. RSAC innovation showcases are open for application. And common KEVs in the financial sector.

Show Notes

A look back at ransomware in 2022. Lessons from Russia's war: crooks, hacktivists, and auxiliaries. Cyberattacks as war crimes. The state of SSE adoption. RSA Conference 2023 opens applications for the Launch Pad and the Innovation Sandbox. Joe Carrigan looks at online scams targeting military members. Our guest is Richard Caralli from Axio on the State of Ransomware Preparedness. And the most common known exploited vulnerabilities affecting the financial sector.

Selected reading.

Ransomware trends: 2022. (CyberWire)

State of Ransomware Preparedness Research Study: 2022 (Axio)

Kyiv argues Russian cyberattacks could be war crimes (POLITICO)

Ukraine official says Russian cyberattacks on its energy network could equate to war crimes (Yahoo)

Ukraine war and geopolitics fuelling cybersecurity attacks - EU agency (EU Reporter)

Industry-first research from Axis Security finds 65% percent of organizations plan to adopt a Security Service Edge platform within next two years (Axis Security)

RSAC Launch Pad is Back! (RSA Conference 2023)

The Best in Innovation Programs Starts Here (RSA Conference 2023)

Top KEVs in the U.S. Financial Services Sector (LookingGlass)