The CyberWire Daily Podcast 1.20.23
Ep 1743 | 1.20.23

Ransomware in Costa Rica. Cyberespionage against unpatched FortiOS instances. Credential stuffing PayPal, breaching T-Mobile. Utility business systems hit. Hackathons and phishing in Russia.

Show Notes

Ransomware hits Costa Rican government systems, again. A Chinese threat actor deploys the BOLDMOVE backdoor against unpatched FortiOS. Credential stuffing afflicts PayPal users. T-Mobile discloses a data breach. A cyberattack hits a remote Canadian utility. The Wagner Group sponsors a hackathon. Malek Ben Salem from Accenture describes prompt injection for chatbots. Our guest is Paul Martini of iboss with insights on Zero Trust. And the FSB’s Gamaredon APT runs a  hands-on Telegraph phishing campaign against Ukrainian targets.

Selected reading.

Bolster Your Company Defenses With Zero Trust Edge (Forrester)

MICITT detecta incidente informático en el MOPT, el cual ya se encuentra contenido (MICITT)

MOPT mantiene habilitados todos los servicios de manera presencial (MICITT)

Costa Rica’s Ministry of Public Works and Transport crippled by ransomware attack (Record)

Suspected Chinese Threat Actors Exploiting FortiOS Vulnerability (CVE-2022-42475) (Mandiant) 

Attackers Crafted Custom Malware for Fortinet Zero-Day (Dark Reading)

Chinese hackers used recently patched FortiOS SSL-VPN flaw as a zero-day in October (Security Affairs) 

PayPal accounts breached in large-scale credential stuffing attack (BleepingComputer)

PayPal Confirms Over 34,000 Customer Accounts Were Breached (EcommerceBytes)

35,000 PayPal accounts hacked, and users could've prevented it (PCWorld)

Thousands Of PayPal Accounts Hacked—Is Yours One Of Them? (Forbes)

Nearly 35,000 PayPal users had SSNs, tax info leaked during December cyberattack (The Record from Recorded Future News)

T-Mobile Says Hacker Stole Data for 37 Million Customers (Bloomberg)

T-Mobile Says Hackers Stole Data on About 37 Million Customers (Wall Street Journal)

T-Mobile Says Hackers Used API to Steal Data on 37 Million Accounts (SecurityWeek)

Cyberattack hits Nunavut's Qulliq Energy Corp. (CBC News) 

Nunavut power utility’s servers hit by cyber attack | IT World Canada News (IT World Canada)

Russian War Report: Russian hacker wanted by the FBI reportedly wins Wagner hackathon prize  (Atlantic Council)

Gamaredon (Ab)uses Telegram to Target Ukrainian Organizations (Blackberry)

Gamaredon Group Launches Cyberattacks Against Ukraine Using Telegram (The Hacker News) 

Hitachi Energy PCU400 (CISA) 

Bolster Your Company Defenses With Zero Trust Edge (iBoss)