The CyberWire Daily Podcast 1.23.23
Ep 1744 | 1.23.23

Contractor error behind FAA outage. OneNote malspam. Vastflux ad campaign disrupted. Ukraine moves closer to CCDCOE membership. Alerts for gamblers and gamers.

Show Notes

The FAA attributes its January NOTAM outage. Malicious OneNote attachments are appearing in phishing campaigns. The Vastflux ad campaign has been disrupted. Ukraine moves toward closer cybersecurity collaboration with NATO. Rick Howard considers the best of 2022. Deepen Desai from Zscaler looks at VPN Risk. And, finally, we’re betting you want alerts for sports book customers and online gamers.

Selected reading.

FAA Says Contractor Unintentionally Caused Outage That Disrupted Flights (Wall Street Journal)

Not a cyberattack, but an IT failure: the FAA's NOTAM outage. (CyberWire)

Hackers now use Microsoft OneNote attachments to spread malware (BleepingComputer)

Traffic signals: The VASTFLUX Takedown (HUMAN Security)

Ukraine signs agreement to join NATO cyber defense center (The Record from Recorded Future News) 

FanDuels warns of data breach after customer info stolen in vendor hack (BleepingComputer)

Industry looks at the MailChimp data incident. (CyberWire)

PSA: Don’t play GTA Online on PC right now (Video Games)

You might not want to play GTA Online right now due to security vulnerabilities (RockPaperShotgun)

Riot Games hacked, delays game patches after security breach (BleepingComputer)

Riot hit by ‘social engineering attack’ that will affect patch cadence for multiple titles (Dot Esports)