The CyberWire Daily Podcast 2.21.23
Ep 1764 | 2.21.23

GoDaddy's compromise. Twitter disables SMS authentication for all but blue-checked users. Deutsche DDoS. Is Bing channeling Tay?

Show Notes

GoDaddy has discovered a compromise of its systems. Twitter disables SMS authentication for those not subscribed to Twitter Blue. Last week’s cyber incident impacting German airports was confirmed to be DDoS. The consequences of cyber irregular participation in cyber wars. Semiconductor tech giant Applied Materials sees significant financial losses from a cyberattack. Joe Carrigan on scammers dangling fake job offers to students. Our guests are Max Shuftan & Monisha Bush from the SANS Institute, on the reopening of their HBCU Cyber Academy application window. And is Bing channeling Tay?

Selected reading.

GoDaddy Inc. - Statement on recent website redirect issues (GoDaddy)

GoDaddy: Hackers stole source code, installed malware in multi-year breach (Bleeping Computer)

GoDaddy SEC Filing (SEC)

An update on two-factor authentication using SMS on Twitter(Twitter)

Twitter Limits SMS-Based 2-Factor Authentication to Blue Subscribers Only (The Hacker News)

SMS-Based 2FA Will Be Limited to Twitter Blue Users (HackRead)

Twitter will limit uses of SMS 2-factor authentication. What does this mean for users? (NPR)

Twitter's Two-Factor Authentication Change 'Doesn't Make Sense' (WIRED)

Twitter Shuts Off Text-Based 2FA for Non-Subscribers (SecurityWeek)

Official: Twitter will now charge for SMS two-factor authentication (The Verge)

German airport websites downed by DDoS attacks (Register)

German airports hit by DDoS attack, ‘Anonymous Russia’ claims responsibility (The Record from Recorded Future)

Russian phishing attacks flooded Ukraine, tripled against NATO nations in 2022: Report (Breaking Defense)

Civilian hackers could become military targets, Red Cross warns (The Record from Recorded Future News)

I helped create a 'cyber army' to help Ukraine defeat Russia. We can't fight with guns, but we can fight with our laptops. (Business Insider)

How Uncle Sam enlisted Big Tech to thwart Russia from launching catastrophic cyberwar (The Washington Times)

Big Tech Descends on Munich Conference in Support of Ukraine (Bloomberg)

Applied Materials will take a $250M hit to sales this quarter, thanks to a cyberattack at one of its suppliers (Silicon Valley Business Journal)

Semiconductor industry giant says ransomware attack on supplier will cost it $250 million (The Record by Recorded Future)

How should AI systems behave, and who should decide? (OpenAI)

Why Bing Is Being Creepy (Intelligencer)

Microsoft's new chatbot is a liar. And it says it's ready to call the cops. (Mother Jones)

After AI chatbot goes a bit loopy, Microsoft tightens its leash (Washington Post).

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