The CyberWire Daily Podcast 2.23.23
Ep 1766 | 2.23.23

Hybrid war and cyber espionage. Ransomware in the produce aisle. Bypassing security filters in a BEC campaign. Identity-based attacks. Avoid pirated software. And what the bots have been scalping.

Show Notes

Cyberattacks in Russia's war so far, and their future prospects. The Lazarus Group may be employing a new backdoor. Clasiopa targets materials research organizations. Ransomware interferes with food production. Evernote is used in a BEC campaign to bypass security filters. Identity-based cyberattacks. Pirated versions of Final Cut Pro deliver cryptominers. Caleb Barlow has thoughts on Twitter, Mudge, and lessons learned. Marc Van Zadelhoff from Cyber CEOs Decoded podcast speaks with Amanda Renteria, CEO of Code for America, about attracting diverse talent. And what have the scalperbots been up to, lately.

Selected reading.

A year into Ukraine, looking back at 5 prewar predictions (Breaking Defense)

Dutch intelligence: Many cyberattacks by Russia are not yet public knowledge (The Record from Recorded Future News)

WinorDLL64: A backdoor from the vast Lazarus arsenal? (WeLiveSecurity)

Clasiopa: New Group Targets Materials Research (Symantec)

Cyberattack on food giant Dole temporarily shuts down North America production, company memo says (CNN Business)

Business Email Compromise Scam Leads to Credential Harvesting Evernote Page (Avanan)

The 2023 State of Identity Security Report (Oort)

Beware of macOS cryptojacking malware. (Jamf Threat Labs) 

Quarterly Index: Top 5 Scalper Bot Targets of Q4 2022 (Netacea)