The CyberWire Daily Podcast 3.15.23
Ep 1780 | 3.15.23

Patch Tuesday notes. SVB's and the cybersecurity sector. SVR's APT29 is phishing for access to information. Trends in the Russo-Ukraine cyberwar. LockBit counts coup (says LockBit).

Show Notes

Patch Tuesday notes. Silicon Valley Bank's collapse and its effects on the cybersecurity sector. SVR's APT29 used a Polish state visit to the US as phishbait. Regularizing hacktivist auxiliaries. Our guest is Crane Hassold from Abnormal Security with a look at threats to email. Grayson Milbourne from OpenText Cybersecurity addresses chaos within the supply chain. And LockBit claims to have compromised an aerospace supply chain.

Selected reading.

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NOBELIUM Uses Poland's Ambassador’s Visit to the U.S. to Target EU Governments Assisting Ukraine (BlackBerry)

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