The CyberWire Daily Podcast 3.20.23
Ep 1783 | 3.20.23

Cl0p ransomware at Hitachi Energy. Alleged TikTok surveillance of journalists. Hacktivist auxiliary hits Indian healthcare records. Cyberattack on Latitude: update. BreachForums arrest.

Show Notes

Cl0p ransomware hits Hitachi Energy. The US Department of Justice investigates ByteDance in alleged surveillance of journalists. A Hacktivist auxiliary hits Indian healthcare records. Pirated software is used to carry malware. The Effects of cyberattack on Latitude persist. Adam Meyers from CrowdStrike shares findings from the 2023 CrowdStrike Global Threat Report. Rick Howard has the latest preview of CSO Perspectives. And Pompompurin is arrested for an alleged role in BreachForums.

Selected reading.

Hitachi Energy confirms data breach after Clop GoAnywhere attacks (BleepingComputer)

Hitachi Energy Group hit by cyber-attack, says network operations not compromised ( 

Justice Department Probes TikTok’s Tracking of U.S. Journalists (Wall Street Journal) 

The FBI And DOJ Are Investigating ByteDance’s Use Of TikTok To Spy On Journalists (Forbes)

KillNet and affiliate hacktivist groups targeting healthcare with DDoS attacks (Azure Network Security Team)

Pro-Russia hackers are increasingly targeting hospitals, researchers warns (Record) 

Russian hacktivist group targets India’s health ministry (CSO Online)

Russian Hacktivist group Phoenix targets India’s Health Ministry Website (Threat Intelligence | CloudSEK) 

Ukraine warns that hacked software can be infected with Russian viruses (Kyiv Independent)

Russian hackers spread infected software through torrents (SSSCIP)

Australia's Latitude takes systems offline, Federal Police investigate cyberattack (Reuters)

FBI targets notorious cybercrime market with teen’s arrest (Washington Post) 

Dark Web ‘BreachForums’ Operator Charged With Computer Crime (Bloomberg) 

Feds arrest alleged BreachForums owner linked to FBI hacks (The Verge) 

NY Man Charged as 'Pompompurin,' the Boss of BreachForums (KrebsOnSecurity) 

Breach Forums Admin 'Pompompurin' Arrested in New York (Cyber Kendra) 

Pompompurin Unmasked: Infamous BreachForums Mastermind Arrested in New York (The Hacker News)