The CyberWire Daily Podcast 4.3.23
Ep 1793 | 4.3.23

"Cylance" ransomware (no relation to Cylance). Update on the 3CX incident. The FSB's arrest of Evan Gershkovich. Ukrainian hacktivist social engineering in the hybrid war.

Show Notes

"Cylance" the ransomware (with no relation to Cylance, the security company). An update on the 3CX incident. The FSB's arrest of a Wall Street Journal reporter. Simone Petrella from N2K Networks unpacks 2023 cybersecurity training trends. Deepen Desai from Zscaler has the latest on cloud security. And Hacktivists claim to have tricked wives of Russian combat pilots into revealing personal information.

Selected reading.

"Cylance" ransomware (no relation to Cylance). (CyberWire Pro)

New Cylance Ransomware Targets Linux and Windows, Warn Researchers (HackRead)

New Cylance Ransomware strain emerges, experts speculate about its notorious members (IT PRO) 

More evidence links 3CX supply-chain attack to North Korean hacking group (Record)

3CX supply chain attack: the unanswered questions (Computing)

3CX Desktop App Compromised (CVE-2023-29059) (Fortinet Blog) 

Evan Gershkovich Loved Russia, the Country That Turned on Him (Wall Street Journal)

The Ukrainian hoax that revealed the Russian pilots who bombed Mariupol theatre (The Telegraph)

Ukrainian Hacktivists Trick Russian Military Wives for Personal Info (HackRead)