The CyberWire Daily Podcast 4.4.23
Ep 1794 | 4.4.23

Cyber appeasement? Western Digital discloses cyberattack. Rilide malware is in active use. Mantis has new mandibles. Challenges of threat hunting. Small, medium, and large criminal enterprises.

Show Notes

Did "appeasement" embolden Russia's cyber operators? Western Digital discloses a cyberattack. Rilide is a new strain of malware in active use. The Mantis cyberespionage group uses new, robust tools and tactics. The challenges of threat hunting. Joe Carrigan has thoughts on public school systems making cyber security part of the curriculum. Our guest May Mitchell of Open Systems addresses closing the talent gap. And when it comes to criminal enterprise, size matters.

Selected reading.

Russia's shadow war: Vulkan files leak show how Putin's regime weaponises cyberspace (The Conversation)

Russia's Invasion of Ukraine Heralds New Era of Warfare (VOA)

West’s Cyber Appeasement Gave Putin Green Light: James Stavridis (Bloomberg Law)

Western Digital Provides Information on Network Security Incident (Business Wire) 

Western Digital confirms breach, shuts down systems (Computing)

Western Digital discloses network breach, My Cloud service down (BleepingComputer)

WD says law enforcement probing breach of internal systems (Register)

Western Digital investigating MyCloud data breach affecting Mac desktop drives (Macworld)

Users fume after My Cloud network breach locks them out of their data (Ars Technica)

Typhon Reborn V2: Updated stealer features enhanced anti-analysis and evasion capabilities (Cisco Talos Blog)

Mantis: New Tooling Used in Attacks Against Palestinian Targets (Symantec) 

Inside the Mind of a Threat Hunter: Team Cymru's Latest Report Sheds Light on Challenges Faced by Cybersecurity Analysts (Accesswire)

Wages Dominate Cybercrime Groups' Operating Expenses (PR Newswire)

Inside the Halls of a Cybercrime Business (Trend Micro)

Size Matters: Unraveling the Structure of Modern Cybercrime Organizations (Trend Micro)