The CyberWire Daily Podcast 4.11.23
Ep 1799 | 4.11.23

IAM trends. RagnarLocker as a critical infrastructure threat. AI hype as phishbait. Updates on the hybrid war: leaks and hacks.

Show Notes

Key trends in Identity Access Management. RagnarLocker and critical infrastructure. Cyber criminals capitalize on the AI hype. Updates on the leaked US classified documents, and speculation of whether Russian hackers compromised a Canadian gas pipeline. Ben Yelin describes a multimillion dollar settlement over biometric data. Microsoft’s Ann Johnson from Afternoon Cyber Tea talking about cyber paradigm shifts with Samir Kapuria. And a welcome to GCHQ's new boss.

Selected reading.

4 key trends from the Gartner IAM Summit 2023 (Venture Beat)

Threat Actor Spotlight: Ragnarlocker Ransomware (Sygnia)

From Chatgpt To Redline Stealer: The Dark Side Of Openai And Google Bard (Veriti)

Biden administration doesn't know extent of classified Pentagon document leak (CBS News) 

Ukraine ‘alters counter-offensive plans’ after Pentagon leak (The Telegraph) 

Ukraine had to change military plans because of US Pentagon leak, source says (CNN) 

Leaked Pentagon documents claim that hackers breached a Canadian gas network. Here’s what to know. (Washington Post)

Pro-Russia Hackers Say They Breached Canadian Pipeline, but Experts Are Skeptical (Wall Street Journal)

Leaked US intel: Russia operatives claimed new ties with UAE (AP NEWS)

Egypt secretly planned to supply rockets to Russia, leaked U.S. document says (Washington Post)

How the Latest Leaked Documents Are Different From Past Breaches (New York Times)

How U.S. friends and foes have responded to leaked Pentagon documents (Washington Post) 

Pentagon leaks: US seeks to mend ties after claims Washington spied on key allies (the Guardian)

Pentagon Probe Under Way in Leaks Case (Wall Street Journal)

Pentagon assessing damage after 'highly classified' US secrets leaked online (Breaking Defense) 

The Pentagon’s Purported Classified-Document Leak: The Biggest Takeaways and Questions So Far (Wall Street Journal)

The ongoing scandal over leaked US intel documents, explained (Vox)

Leaked documents a 'very serious' risk to security: Pentagon (AP NEWS)

The Discord servers at the center of a massive US intelligence leak (CyberScoop) 

Social-Media Platform Discord Emerges at Center of Classified U.S. Documents Leak (Wall Street Journal)

Why Leaked Pentagon Documents Are Still Circulating on Social Media (New York Times)

Clues Left Online Might Aid Leak Investigation, Officials Say (New York Times

Ukraine at D+411: US leaks remain under investigation. (CyberWire)

New Director GCHQ announced (GCHQ)