The CyberWire Daily Podcast 4.17.23
Ep 1803 | 4.17.23

Developments in the Discord Papers, including notes on influencers and why they seek influence. Tax season scams. KillNet’s selling, but is anyone buying?

Show Notes

The alleged Discord Papers leaker has been charged. We look at how the Papers spread online. A life lived online as a security risk. US tax season scams, at the 11th filing hour. Caleb Barlow from Cylete on the layoffs in security that many thought would never happen. Maria Varmazis and Brandon Karpf share the launch of the new space podcast, T-Minus. And KillNet says it’s open for business.

Selected reading.

Inside the furious week-long scramble to hunt down a massive Pentagon leak (CNN Politics) 

Massachusetts Air National Guard’s Intelligence Mission in the Spotlight (New York Times) 

Leaker of U.S. secret documents worked on military base, friend says (Washington Post) 

WSJ News Exclusive | Social-Media Account Overseen by Former Navy Noncommissioned Officer Helped Spread Secrets (Wall Street Journal).

A Russian Disinformation Empire in Oak Harbor, Washington (Malcontent News) 

Pro-Russia propagandist unmasked as New Jersey tropical fish seller (The Telegraph) 

Suspect charged in case involving leaked classified military documents (Washington Post) 

Jack Teixeira, suspect in Pentagon leaks, charged under Espionage Act (the Guardian)

Leak suspect appears in court as US spells out its case (AP NEWS) 

Airman in Pentagon intel leak charged (Military Times) 

Airman charged in Pentagon intel leak regretted joining the military (Military Times) 

He’s from a military family — and allegedly leaked U.S. secrets (Washington Post)

Jack Teixeira's alleged Discord leaks show why the US should stop showering Top Secret clearances on 21-year-old keyboard warriors (Business Insider).

The military loved Discord for Gen Z recruiting. Then the leaks began. (Washington Post) 

A new kind of leaker: Spilling state secrets to impress online buddies (Washington Post) 

Was the Gen-Z Pentagon leaker motivated by social media clout? (the Guardian) 

Microsoft president claims Russian intelligence is trying to "penetrate gaming communities" (

How Gamers Eclipsed Spies as an Intelligence Threat (Foreign Policy)

Crafty PDF link is part of another tax-season malware campaign (Record)

Tax season scams. (CyberWire)

Ukraine at D+414: Discord Papers arrest, cyberespionage, and hacktivist DDoS. (CyberWire)