The CyberWire Daily Podcast 4.21.23
Ep 1807 | 4.21.23

Daggerfly swarms African telco. EvilExtractor described. Patriotic hacktivism in East Asia. Updates on Russia's hybrid war suggest that cyber warfare has some distinctive challenges.

Show Notes

Daggerfly APT targets an African telecommunications provider. EvilExtractor is an alleged teaching tool apparently gone bad. A Chinese speaking threat group is active against Taiwan and South Korea. Europe’s air traffic control is under attack. Cecilia Marinier from RSAC and Barmak Meftah, a judge of ISB, discuss the RSA innovation sandbox. Awais Rashid from University of Bristol on the cybersecurity of smart farming. Forget about those evil maids. What about these evil sys admins? 

Selected reading.

Daggerfly: APT Actor Targets Telecoms Company in Africa (Symantec)

EvilExtractor – All-in-One Stealer (Fortinet Blog)

Chinese-language threat group targeted a dozen South Korean institutions (Record) 

Xiaoqiying/Genesis Day Threat Actor Group Targets South Korea, Taiwan (Recorded Future) 

WSJ News Exclusive | Europe’s Air-Traffic Agency Under Attack From Pro-Russian Hackers (Wall Street Journal) 

Intelligence Leaks Cast Spotlight on a Recurring Insider Threat: Tech Support (Wall Street Journal)

Russia’s invasion of Ukraine is also being fought in cyberspace (Atlantic Council) 

CFP European Cybersecurity Seminar 2023-2024 (European Cyber Conflict Research Initiative)

#CYBERUK23: Russian Cyber Offensive Exhibits ‘Unprecedented’ Speed and Agility (Infosecurity Magazine)