The CyberWire Daily Podcast 4.26.23
Ep 1810 | 4.26.23

BellaCiao from Tehran; PingPull from Beijing: two cyberespionage tools. SLP exploitation. Ransomware as an international threat. The state of hacktivism. Digital evidence or war crimes.

Show Notes

BellaCiao is malware from Iran's IRGC, while PingPull is malware used by the Chinese government affiliated Tarus Group. Ransomware continues to be a pervasive international threat. An overview of hacktivism. Our guest is CyberMindz founder Peter Coroneos, discussing the importance of mental health in cybersecurity. Johannes Ullrich shares insights from his RSAC panel discussions. And Ukraine continues to collect evidence of Russian war crimes.

Selected reading.

Unpacking BellaCiao: A Closer Look at Iran’s Latest Malware (Bitdefender Blog)

Chinese Alloy Taurus Updates PingPull Malware (Unit 42)

Abuse of the Service Location Protocol May Lead to DoS Attacks (Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency CISA)

#RSAC: Ransomware Poses Growing Threat to Five Eyes Nations (Infosecurity Magazine)

Hacktivism Unveiled, April 2023 Insights into the footprints of hacktivists (Radware)

FBI aiding Ukraine in collection of digital and physical war crime evidence (CyberScoop)