The CyberWire Daily Podcast 5.1.23
Ep 1813 | 5.1.23

FDA warns of biomed device vulnerability. Ransomware's effects continue at US Marshals Service fugitive tracking. US DoJ shifts to disruption of cybercrime. GRU phishing. KillNet’s ask-me-anything.

Show Notes

The FDA warns of a vulnerability affecting biomedical devices. Ransomware's effects continue to trouble the US Marshals Service. The US Justice Department shifts how it deals with large scale cybercrime. Fresh phish from the GRU. Caleb Barlow looks at unicorns and zombiecorns. Our guest Manoj Sharma from Symantec explains the differences between Zero Trust and SASE. And KillNet runs an ask-me-anything session.

Selected reading.

Illumina cyber vulnerability may present risks for patient results (U.S. Food and Drug Administration)

CISA, FDA warn of new Illumina DNA device vulnerability (Record

Key law enforcement computers still down 10 weeks after breach (Washington Post)

Feds Prioritizing Disruptions Over Arrests in Cyberattack Cases (PCMAG) 

"Ashamed" LockBit ransomware gang apologises to hacked school, offers free decryption tool (Hot for Security) 

APT28 cyberattack: distribution of emails with "instructions" on "updating the operating system" (CERT-UA#6562) (CERT-UA)

Hackers use fake ‘Windows Update’ guides to target Ukrainian govt (BleepingComputer) 

Ukraine at D+431: Drone strikes and phishing expeditions. (CyberWire)