The CyberWire Daily Podcast 5.5.23
Ep 1817 | 5.5.23

DPRK's Kimsuki spearphishes. A standards strategy for AI. Ransomware Task Force retrospective. KillNet's new menu. Ex Uber CSO sentenced for data breach cover-up.

Show Notes

Kimsuki has a new reconnaissance tool. The Biden administration shares plans for AI. Reports on the ransomware taskforce report. KillNet recommits to turning a profit. Deepen Desai from Zscaler has the latest stats on Phishing. Our guest is Karen Worstell from VMware with a conversation about inclusivity. And the former CSO at Uber is sentenced.

Selected reading.

Kimsuky Evolves Reconnaissance Capabilities in New Global Campaign (SentinelOne)

Ransomware Task Force Gaining Ground - May 2023 Progress Report (Ransomware Task Force)

Influential task force takes stock of progress against ransomware (Washington Post)

For Money and Attention: Killnet Apparently Reorganizes Again (Flashpoint)

Killnet Ostracizes Leader of Anonymous Russia, Adding New Chapter to Pro-Kremlin Hacktivist Drama (Flashpoint)

Former Uber CSO Joe Sullivan Avoids Prison Time Over Data Breach Cover-Up (Security Week)

Former Uber security chief Sullivan avoids prison in data breach case (Washington Post)