The CyberWire Daily Podcast 5.10.23
Ep 1820 | 5.10.23

Five Eyes disrupt FSB’s Snake malware. From DDoS to cryptojacking. Ransomware trends. Yesterday’s Patch Tuesday is in the books.

Show Notes

The Five Eyes disrupt Russia’s FSB Snake cyberespionage infrastructure. Shifting gears: from DDoS to cryptojacking. Trends in ransomware. Our guest is Steve Benton from Anomali with insights on potential industry headwinds. Ann Johnson from Afternoon Cyber Tea speaks with Roland Cloutier about risk and resilience in the modern era. And yesterday’s Patch Tuesday is now in the books, including a work-around for a patch from this past March.

Selected reading.

Patch Tuesday notes. (The CyberWire)

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The State of Ransomware 2023 (Sophos)

From One Vulnerability to Another: Outlook Patch Analysis Reveals Important Flaw in Windows API (Akamai)

Windows MSHTML Platform Security Feature Bypass Vulnerability (Microsoft)