The CyberWire Daily Podcast 5.11.23
Ep 1821 | 5.11.23

Ransomware and social engineering trends. Expired certificate addressed. Ransomware groups target schools. Cyber updates in the hybrid war.

Show Notes

A Ransomware report highlights targeting and classification. Phishing remains a major threat. Cisco addresses an expired certificate issue. LockBit and Medusa hit school districts with ransomware. US and Canadian cyber units wrap up a hunt-forward mission in Latvia. Ben Yelin on NYPD surveillance. Our CyberWire producer Liz Irvin interviews Damien Lewke, a graduate student at MIT. And an unknown threat actor is collecting against both Russia and Ukraine.

Selected reading.

GRIT Ransomware Report: April 2023 (GuidePoint Security)

DNSFilter State of Internet Security - Q1 2023 (DNSFilter)

Identify vEdge Certificate Expired on May 9th 2023 (Cisco)

The State of Ransomware Attacks in Education 2023: Trends and Solutions (Veriti)

US Cyber Command 'Hunts Forward' in Latvia (Voice of America)

US cyber team unearths malware during ‘hunt-forward’ mission in Latvia (C4ISRNET)

Uncovering RedStinger - Undetected APT cyber operations in Eastern Europe since 2020 (Malwarebytes)

Bad magic: new APT found in the area of Russo-Ukrainian conflict (Kaspersky)