The CyberWire Daily Podcast 5.18.23
Ep 1826 | 5.18.23

BEC attack exploits Dropbox services. Ransomware in the name of charity. API protection trends. Hybrid war hacktivism. Executive digital protection.

Show Notes

Business email compromise (BEC) exploits legitimate services. A hacktivist ransomware group demands charity donations for encrypted files. Trends and threats in API protection. The effects of hacktivism on Russia's war against Ukraine. Executive digital protection. Deepen Desai of Zscaler explains security risks in OneNote. Our guest is Ajay Bhatia of Veritas Technologies with advice for onboarding new employees. And news organizations as attractive targets.

Selected reading.

Leveraging Dropbox to Soar Into Inbox (Avanan)

MalasLocker ransomware targets Zimbra servers, demands charity donation (Bleeping Computer)

Shadow API Usage Surges 900%, Revealing Alarming Lack of API Visibility Among Enterprises (Business Wire)

APIs are Top Cybersecurity Priority for Most Organizations, Yet 40% Do Not Have an API Security Solution (PR Newswire)

Evolving Cyber Operations and Capabilities (CSIS)

Following the long-running Russian aggression against Ukraine. (The CyberWire)

Executive Digital Protection whitepaper (Agency)

The Philadelphia Inquirer’s operations continue to be disrupted by a cyber incident (The Philadelphia Inquirer)

Cyberattack at the Philadelphia Inquirer. (The CyberWire)