The CyberWire Daily Podcast 5.19.23
Ep 1827 | 5.19.23

Section 230 survives court tests. Pre-infected devices. IRS cyber attachés. DraftKings hack indictment. Notes on the hybrid war.

Show Notes

Section 230 survives SCOTUS. Lemon Group's pre-infected devices. The IRS is sending cyber attachés to four countries in a new pilot program. A Wisconsin man is charged with stealing DraftKings credentials. Russian hacktivists conduct DDoS attacks against Polish news outlets. An update on RedStinger. Grayson Milbourne from OpenText Cybersecurity discusses IoT and the price we pay for convenience. Our guest is Matthew Keeley with info on an open source domain spoofing tool, Spoofy. And war principles and hacktivist auxiliaries.

Selected reading.

“Honey, I’m Hacked”: Ethical Questions Raised by Ukrainian Cyber Deception of Russian Military Wives (Just Security)

A Mysterious Group Has Ties to 15 Years of Ukraine-Russia Hacks (Wired)

CloudWizard APT: the bad magic story goes on (SecureList)

Ukraine at D+441: Skirmishing along the line of contact, and in cyberspace. (The CyberWire)

Russian dissident gets three years in prison colony for DDoS attacks on military website (Cybernews)

Europe: The DDoS battlefield (Help Net Security)

Russian hackers hit Polish news sites in DDoS attack (Cybernews)

18-year-old charged with hacking 60,000 DraftKings betting accounts (Bleeping Computer)

Garrison Complaint (Department of Justice)

IRS-CI deploys 4 cyber attachés to locations abroad to combat cybercrime (IRS)

IRS deploys cyber attachés to fight cybercrime abroad (The Hill)

Cybercrime gang pre-infects millions of Android devices with malware (Bleeping Computer)

This Cybercrime Syndicate Pre-Infected Over 8.9 Million Android Phones Worldwide (The Hacker News)

Lemon Group’s Cybercriminal Businesses Built on Preinfected Devices (Trend Micro)