The CyberWire Daily Podcast 6.7.23
Ep 1839 | 6.7.23

PowerDrop’s capabilities are up in the air. A Russian cyberespionage campaign channels their inner 007. A disconnect between law firms and cybersecurity protections.

Show Notes

A new PowerShell remote access tool targets a US defense contractor. Current Russian cyber operations against Ukraine are honing in on espionage. CISA and its partners have released a Joint Guide to Securing Remote Access Software. A bug has been reported in Visual Studio’s UI. Awais Rashid from University of Bristol discussing Privacy in health apps. Our guest is Jim Lippie of SaaS Alerts with insights on software as a service Application Security. And are there disconnects between cybersecurity and the legal profession?

Selected reading.

PowerDrop: A New Insidious PowerShell Script for Command and Control Attacks Targets U.S. Aerospace Defense Industry (Adlumin)

UAC-0099: cyberespionage against state organizations and media representatives of Ukraine (CERT-UA#6710) (CERT-UA)

Guide to Securing Remote Access Software (Joint Guide)

Imposter Syndrome: UI Bug in Visual Studio Lets Attackers Impersonate Publishers (Varonis)

Press Release | ILTA and Conversant Group Release First Cybersecurity Benchmarking Survey of the Legal Industry (International Legal Technology Association)