The CyberWire Daily Podcast 6.30.23
Ep 1855 | 6.30.23

CISA would like agencies to look to their management interfaces. Hacktivist auxiliaries and a role for OSINT in Russia’s hybrid war against Ukraine.

Show Notes

US Federal Government working to secure management interfaces. NoName057(16)’s DDoSia campaign grows, and targets Wagner, post-insurrection. Update: Unidentified hackers attack Russian satellite communications company, claiming to be Wagner. The role of OSINT in tracking Russia's war. Manoj Sharma of Symantec discusses trends he's hearing about generative AI. Becky Weiss from AWS talks with Rick Howard about the math behind their security. Cyber awareness over a holiday.

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Selected reading.

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Pro-Russia DDoSia hacktivist project sees 2,400% membership increase (BleepingComputer)

Hackers attack Russian satellite telecom provider, claim affiliation with Wagner Group (CyberScoop)

Hackers claim to take down Russian satellite communications provider (Record)

Days of Chaos: How OSINT Helps Us Understand the Putin-Prigozhin Schism (Flashpoint) 

Preparing for cyber threats over the Fourth of July. (CyberWire)