The CyberWire Daily Podcast 7.10.23
Ep 1859 | 7.10.23

New phishing campaigns hit Microsoft 365 and Adobe users. Big Head ransomware. Multichain bridge compromised. CISA adds a KEV. Progress patches MOVEit. Telegram's role in Russia's war.

Show Notes

New phishing campaigns afflict users of Microsoft 365 and Adobe. An analysis of Big Head ransomware. Multichain reports a crypto heist with over $100 million stolen. CISA makes an addition to the Known Exploited Vulnerability Catalog. Progress Software issues additional MOVEit patches. The FBI’s Deputy Assistant Director for Cyber Cynthia Kaiser joins us with examples of the agency’s technical disruption operations. Our guest is Scott Piper Principal Cloud Security Researcher at Wiz sharing findings of their State of the Cloud 2023 report. And Telegram's role in news about Russia's war.

Selected reading.

M365 Phishing Email Analysis – eevilcorp (Vade Secure)

New Phishing Attack Spoofs Microsoft 365 Authentication System (HackRead)

Tailing Big Head Ransomware’s Variants, Tactics, and Impact (Trend Micro)

New ‘Big Head’ ransomware displays fake Windows update alert (BleepingComputer)

Unfolding Cybersecurity Crisis: Aptos Network and Multichain Face Cyber-Attacks (CryptoMode)

More than $125 million taken from crypto platform Multichain (Record)

Exploit of Fantom, Moonriver and Dogechain Crypto Bridges Confirmed by Multichain Team (CoinDesk)

CISA Adds One Known Vulnerability to Catalog (CISA)

Google patches 43 Android Vulnerabilities Including 3 actively exploited zero-days (Cyber Security News) 

Progress Software Releases Service Pack for MOVEit Transfer Vulnerabilities (CISA)

After Zero-Day Attacks, MOVEit Turns to Security Service Packs (SecurityWeek)

Killnet as a private military hacking company? For now, it's probably just a dream (Record)

Telegram has become a window into war (The Verge)