The CyberWire Daily Podcast 7.20.23
Ep 1867 | 7.20.23

Malvertising meets SEO poisoning. Fast moving on MOVEit exploit remediation. Ransomware trends. Cyberespionage, sanctions, and influence ops. Ave atque vale Kevin Mitnick.

Show Notes

Sophos analyzes malvertising through purchased Google Ads. The MOVEit vulnerability is remediated faster than most. The DeliveryCheck backdoor is used against Ukrainian targets. SORM is under stress. Ukrainian police roll up another bot farm working in support of Russian influence operations. AJ Nash from ZeroFox provides insights on the White House cybersecurity labeling program. David Moulton from Palo Alto Networks Unit 42 introduces his new segment "Threat Vector." And we bid farewell to Kevin Mitnick.

Selected reading.

Bad ad fad leads to IcedID, Gozi infections (Sophos News)

New research reveals rapid remediation of MOVEit Transfer vulnerabilities (Bitsight) 

GRIT Ransomware Report-2023-Q2 (Guidepoint Security) 

Russia’s Turla hackers target Ukraine’s defense with spyware (Record) 

Russian Hackers Probe Ukrainian Defense Sector With Backdoor (Bank Info Security) 

Russia’s vast telecom surveillance system crippled by withdrawal of Western tech, report says (Record) 

Ukraine’s cyber police dismantled a massive bot farm spreading propaganda (Security Affairs)

Kevin David Mitnick, August 6, 1963 - July 16, 2023. (Dignity Memorial)