The CyberWire Daily Podcast 7.24.23
Ep 1869 | 7.24.23

DPRK’s RGB shows improved targeting and tool-sharing. Cl0p updates. Two new RATs. Weak radio encryption standard. Razzlekhan will cop a plea.

Show Notes

North Korea's increasingly supple cyber offensives. A look at Cl0p. The NetSupport RAT's fake update vectors. HotRat is a Trojan that accompanies illegally pirated software and games. Crackable radio encryption standard: a bug or a feature? Chris Novak from Verizon discusses ransomware through the lens of the DBIR. Carole Theriault describes a ransomware attack that hit close to home. And an alleged money-laundering crypto-rapper is back in the news.

Selected reading.

North Korea Leverages SaaS Provider in a Targeted Supply Chain Attack | Mandiant (Mandiant)

Ransomware Roundup - Cl0p (Fortinet Blog)

FakeSG enters the 'FakeUpdates' arena to deliver NetSupport RAT (Malwarebytes)

Researchers Find ‘Backdoor’ in Encrypted Police and Military Radios (Vice) 

Unmasking HotRat: The hidden dangers in your software downloads (Avast)

Researchers Find ‘Backdoor’ in Encrypted Police and Military Radios (Vice) 

Crypto rapper 'Razzlekhan,' husband reach plea deal over Bitfinex hack laundering (Reuters)