The CyberWire Daily Podcast 7.27.23
Ep 1872 | 7.27.23

Mirai hits the honeypots. Medical device telemetry attacked. More on infostealers in the C2C market. Third-party risk management practices. Cyber skills gaps in the UK. SiegedSec hits NATO sites

Show Notes

The Mirai botnet afflicts Tomcat. CardioComm services are downed by cyberattack. Uptycs calls infostealers “organization killers" as related security incidents double in a year. Legacy third-party risk management practices meet with dissatisfaction. Cyber skill gaps reported in the UK's workforce. Our guest is George Prichici of OPSWAT with a look at a Microsoft Teams vulnerability. Our new Threat Vector segment features a conversation with David Moulton and Michael Sikorski on the potential threats from LLMs and AI. And SiegedSec hits NATO sites.

On this first segment of Threat Vector, Michael "Siko" Sikorski, CTO & VP of Engineering for Unit 42, joins host David Moulton to discuss LLMs & AI and the impacts to expect on social engineering, phishing, and more.

Threat Vector links.

Palo Alto Networks Unit 42

Selected reading.

Tomcat Under Attack: Exploring Mirai Malware and Beyond (Aquasec)

CardioComm, a provider of ECG monitoring devices, confirms cyberattack downed its services (TechCrunch) 

Detecting the Silent Threat: 'Stealers are Organization Killers' (Uptycs)

Cyber security skills in the UK labour market 2023 (DSIT)

NATO investigates alleged data theft by SiegedSec hackers (BleepingComputer)

NATO investigating apparent breach of unclassified information sharing platform (CyberScoop) 

SiegedSec Compromise NATO (Cyberint)