The CyberWire Daily Podcast 8.11.23
Ep 1883 | 8.11.23

Tehran’s social engineering. CSRB reports on Lapsus$. Call for comment on open-source standards. Coping with a tight labor market. Two private sector incidents in Russia’s hybrid war.

Show Notes

Charming Kitten collects against Iranian expatriate dissidents. The Cyber Safety Review Board reports on Lapsus$. A Call for comment on open-source, memory-safe standards. How NSA is coping with the cyber labor market. Yandex is restructuring. The Washington Post’s Tim Starks joins us with the latest cyber security efforts from the DOD. Our guest is Dan L. Dodson, CEO of Fortified Health Security with insights on protecting patient data. And How Viasat was hacked.

Selected reading.

Germany says Charming Kitten hackers target Iran dissidents (Deutsche Welle)

Cyber Safety Review Board Releases Report on Activities of Global Extortion-Focused Hacker Group Lapsus$ (US Department of Homeland Security) 

Review Of The Attacks Associated with Lapsus$ And Related Threat Groups Report (Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency CISA)

Fact Sheet: Office of the National Cyber Director Requests Public Comment on Open-Source Software Security and Memory Safe Programming Languages (ONCD | The White House) 

Amid historic hiring surge, NSA considers hybrid, unclassified work options (Federal News Network)

Exclusive: Fear of tech 'brain drain' prevents Russia from seizing Yandex for now, sources say (Reuters)

Yandex co-founder Volozh slams Russia's 'barbaric' invasion of Ukraine (Reuters) 

Satellite hack on eve of Ukraine war was a coordinated, multi-pronged assault (CyberScoop)