The CyberWire Daily Podcast 8.17.23
Ep 1887 | 8.17.23

A seemingly legitimate but actually bogus host for a proxy botnet. PowerShell Gallery vulnerabilities. Cyber incident at Clorox. Scamming would be beta-testers. Cyber updates from Russia’s hybrid war.

Show Notes

Building a proxy botnet. Active flaws in PowerShell Gallery. A cyber incident disrupts Clorox. Scams lure would-be mobile beta-testers. Lessons learned from the Russian cyberattack on Viasat. An update on cyber threats to Starlink. Robert M. Lee from Dragos shares his thoughts on the waves of layoffs that have gone through the industry. Steve Leeper of Datadobi explains mitigating risks associated with illegal data on your network. And hey, world leader: it’s never too late to stop manifesting a chronic cranio-urological condition, as they more-or-less say in the Quantum Realm.

Selected reading.

ProxyNation: The dark nexus between proxy apps and malware (AT&T Alien Labs) 

Massive 400,000 proxy botnet built with stealthy malware infections (BleepingComputer) 

PowerHell: Active Flaws in PowerShell Gallery Expose Users to Attacks (Aqua Security) 

Clorox Operations Disrupted By Cyber-Attack (Infosecurity Magazine) 

Cyber Criminals Targeting Victims through Mobile Beta-Testing Applications (IC3) 

FBI warns about scams that lure you in as a mobile beta-tester (Naked Security)

Incident response lessons learned from the Russian attack on Viasat (CSO Online)

Recent Intel Report Reveals New Starlink Vulnerabilities, Increasing Concerns About the Future of Global Satellite Internet (Debrief)

Hacked electronic sign declares “Putin is a dickhead” as Russian ruble slumps (Graham Cluley)