The CyberWire Daily Podcast 8.18.23
Ep 1888 | 8.18.23

Phishing for Zimbra credentials. Developments in PlayCrypt and Cuba ransomware. #NoFilter exploitation. Cyber gangs (and some services) threaten security researchers. Anglo-Saxonia update.

Show Notes

Phishing for Zimbra credentials. PlayCrypt ransomware described. The Cuba ransomware group adopts new tools. #NoFilter. Cyber criminals threaten security researchers. Our guest is Kevin Paige from Uptycs with thoughts on the Blackhat conference. Eric Goldstein, Executive Assistant Director at CISA joins us discussing next steps on the Secure by Design journey. And Russian disinformation takes on "Anglo-Saxonia."

Selected reading.

Mass-spreading campaign targeting Zimbra users (We Live Security)

PlayCrypt Ransomware Group Wreaks Havoc in Campaign Against Managed Service Providers (Adlumin SaaS Security)

Cuba Ransomware Deploys New Tools: Targets Critical Infrastructure Sector in the U.S. and IT Integrator in Latin America (BlackBerry)

NoFilter Attack: Sneaky Privilege Escalation Method Bypasses Windows Security (The Hacker News)

Cyber security researchers become target of criminal hackers (Financial Times)

Britain plotting to assassinate pro-Russian leaders in Africa, says Moscow (The Telegraph) 

Ukraine at D+540: Russification and disinformation. (CyberWire)